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Our Procedure For Lawn care Services :

Looking for lawn care services when you can’t manage time for it? Get in touch with us and take sincere suggestions from our experts to make your lawns healthy and pest-free.
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Lawn Analysis

Call us and our representative will schedule a free lawn care services inspection at your place. A lawn care specialist will come to visit your lawn and look into its current health.
Professional Lawn Care Company

Lawn Cure

A lawn care expert will develop an absolute plan for treating your lawn and provide you with all the details about each treatment. You will have to do nothing with it, just leave everything on us. We will convert your lawn into your dream lawn.
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Lawn Servicing

Once your lawn gets perfect according to your expectations and our standards, our lawn care company offers its services on a regular basis to keep your lawn in good trim or we can come any time to ensure your satisfaction even if you don’t have a scheduled visit.

Generally, our lawn expert will come approximately every 6 weeks to service it and provide you with a summary about its condition and all the services performed in the visit using our top-quality equipment. Additionally, our expert will advise you on tips and suggestions for daily care along with lawn care services.

Why choose us?

Nothing can displace the healthiness of the life lived outside. Fresh air and natural beauty leave positive impacts on your mood, physical and mental health. That’s why choosing us for advanced lawn mowing services and we will make your lawn a place of true connection and revelation. Communicate with us to improve your outdoor places by booking our lawn care services because life is better outdoors. We guarantee;

Scientific Solutions

Lawn care is not a common and easy task. It requires science to understand the real demands of lawn care. Our professional lawn care company provides science-based solutions to boost your lawn’s beauty and potential by meeting its specific needs throughout the year.

Dependable Experts

Our lawn care specialists are certified and diligent so you may get reliable services and beautiful results

Pest-free Lawn

Enjoy your outdoor sitting without mosquitos, ticks and get a totally pest-free lawn. Moreover, our lawn care company ensures that your lawn is getting precisely what it needs at all core stages of the year.

Advanced equipment and techniques

Get managed your lawn by the best lawn care company that is determined to make your lawn updated and nourished by using the finest quality equipment and advanced techniques. Call us right now to avail our best lawn care services.

Regular Visits

If you want to make your lawn well-maintained on a regular basis, approach us for scheduled visits by professional lawn care company. In addition, we can also visit your lawn between the scheduled visits to make any essential adjustments and make you satisfied.

Our Services

Soil amendment

Soil amendment makes it balanced for better performance. It cannot be done by common persons; just lawn specialists can adjust alkalinity and acidity of the soil to improve access to nutrients so that it may give better outcomes so interact with us right now and get our affordable lawn care services.

Soil aeration

It is one of the best ways to get a thick green lawn worth spending time on it. Contact us to make the best use of our professional lawn care services by removing the layer of dead grass and allowing more water, oxygen, and fertilizers to reach your lawn’s roots that make it healthier and stronger in return.

Grub prevention

Want to enjoy owning the best lawn in the block? Get our lawn care services to get rid of various types of grubs that devastate your lawn’s roots and make it difficult to sit on your lawn. Transform your lawn into a pest-free place to enjoy your outdoor time. It includes getting rid of ticks, ants, fleas, spiders, weeds, earwigs, chiggers, etc.

Lawn care tips


The most essential thing about lawn care is keeping it well hydrated. So, watering your lawn twice a day on a regular basis will make it beneficial for you.


Mowing should be done as often as needed. Make sure you are mowing the grass to a specific height neither too short nor too high. If you have mowed wrong, your lawn will not look beautiful.

Perfect timing

The most important factor in lawn care is the perfect timing to do all activities regarding lawn maintenance. For example, if you fertilize your lawn under dry conditions, it can extremely damage the soil of your lawn. You need to find out the right time for your lawn.

Choose the right fertilizer

Each lawn is different and needs unique care. So choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn is the real hack.

Seeding at the perfect time

Seeding at the right time is vital for successful growth and outcomes. You need to do research about the growing season for grass in your area’s climate.

Professional Lawn Care Company

Connect with us for the right care of your lawn

Our mission is to provide our customers with professional top-quality services with attention to detail. We promise to establish lasting relationships with our valuable customers by overtaking your expectations and earning their trust with our exceptional services.

At CK Total Services, we believe health begins with a great lawn. We are dedicated to furnishing you with advanced lawn care services at amazingly low prices.  Approach us to get a lawn you will love. We bring experience, a commitment to quality, and an expert approach to every customer.

We take pride in getting your lawn on the right path in the right ways with scientific approaches. We work hard to make ourselves distinguished in the town by providing 100% satisfaction in lawn care through skilled workers and environmentally friendly techniques.